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Beginning in 1983, Sigma has forged a reputation of honesty and integrity, and today is a leading commercial general contractor that consistently exceeds the expectations of its clientele. Under the combined direction of Dan Hinkson and Jerry Patterson, Sigma continues to flourish in a competitive market.
Dan Hinkson always unselfishly gives of himself. This is evident in the way he executes his role as Owner and President of Sigma Contracting and in his personal life as well, as a husband and father. In 1983 he founded a successful business that has been able to weather tough times as well as good, allowing long term employees to make a living and enjoy all aspects of life. He has forged long-term relationships with many clients, and with his relationship with non-profit The Salvation Army helped create a legacy with the Ray & Joan Kroc Core Community Center in South Phoenix that will help th
Sigma Contracting has been a highly active member and participant in a number of industry associations and trade groups.